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A Resource for Business Development, Strategic Planning and Access to Capital. Helping our clients meet their financial needs for more than 25 years. We offer you a full spectrum of global business consulting services and financial support.

25 Years In the Making

Silveridge Group was established as a business consulting company that has focused on developing critical strategies, constructive opportunities and providing access to capital at all stages of a business’ life cycle. Silveridge Group ownership has assisted over 2,400 businesses over the past twenty seven years providing various consulting and business development services including: Commercial Real Estate and Business Financing, Loan Underwriting, Forensic Accounting, Financial Audit, Corporate Restructuring and Strategic Planning.

Silveridge Group consultants assist aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses in various industries including: Manufacturing, Hospitality, Restaurants (including franchise operations), Construction, Service Organizations, Medical, Dental and Veterinarian as well as other professional organizations.

Our Services

Business Development & Funding Solutions

Silveridge Group management has long-standing corresponding relationships with scores of commercial lenders throughout the United States. The lending group in this category allows Silveridge Group to provide a fully underwritten financial analyst on behalf of the Borrower to secure approval for funding and in terms and conditions acceptable to our client.

Project Planning & Corporate Structure

Silveridge Group will assist each business owner in defining their specific vision for the organization and reduce-to-writing the strategies and tactics that will allow them the opportunity to realize their vision.

C-Level Operational & Financial Support

Silveridge Group’s Operational CFO Program (oCFO) brings senior level financial expertise and oversight to small and mid-sized businesses at a monthly retainer that is affordable and can easily fit within the company’s budget.

People First

Silveridge Group believes that in order to assist a business with its challenges, we first must attain a greater understanding of the people that are responsible for operating every facet of the company and the culture they’ve built that insures their business success.

With over 50 Years of corporate consulting, business development, real estate development and commercial finance expertise, Silveridge has developed many relationships that have assisted entrepreneurs and existing business owners. Having a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face is essential to prescribing proper guidance to aid in building a successful future, together.

Silveridge Group is committed to ensuring our client’s needs are heard and the actions of our team support the client in every way.

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